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Belgian visa is a form of permission or a pass for a non-citizen to enter, transit or remain in Belgium. Belgian visa is a stamp or form placed in your passport when you enter, and sometimes when you leave Belgium.

A visa in your passport does not guarantee entry. That remains the right of the immigration officials in Belgium.

Do I need a visa to Belgium?
Please note: In individual cases, you may be required to provide additional documents. Embassy rules and regulations can and do, very occationally change overnight. We accept no responsibilty for any such changes. Also, we regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, intercede or take responsibilty for any transaction initiated directly between an applicant and the embassy.

There are two options to check whether you require a Belgian visa or not for your trip to Belgium.

Option 1:
Check the current Belgian visa regulations from the Belgian foreign ministry from here or find the Belgian embassy in your country of permanent residence to obtain the visa application requirements for Belgium.

The Belgian Embassies and Consular Offices are the only accredited Belgian Government agencies, who are permitted to grant Belgian visas in a different country. Generally, to avoid any risks that can come up when getting on flights to Belgium or at Belgian ports of entry due to possible miscommunication, visitors are highly adviced to apply with the Belgian Embassy and Consular Offices in your home country to get Belgian visas in advance of travelling.

To apply for a Belgian visa, you will require a visa application form and this can be obatined from Belgian tourist visa form or Belgian business visa form. You can also obtain sample visa cover letters, which you can send it to the Belgian embassy in your city from visa letter for Belgium.

Option 2:
The visa information below is provided by VisaHQ, who specialises in providing visa services to travellers in Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

The Belgian tourist visa requirement for nationals of Canada, UK and USA are shown above. If you are a permanent resident of either Canada or UK or USA, please select your nationality shown in your passport from the box appropriate box above, to see whether you will need a visa for Belgium.
Belgian Visa Types
There are several types of Belgian visas available for travel to Belgium:

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